The Argyle Photo Collection

The Argyle Map Collection

A selection of maps showing Argyle and area through the years.

The Argyle Newspaper Clippings

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The Argyle Timeline

Argyle Bibliography


Heritage Sites
Pioneer Schools in the R.M. of Argyle
Pioneer Churches in th R.M. of Argyle
Pioneer Post Offices in the R.M. of Argyle


Notable People Project

We Made Baldur Project
Photo Archive


Pivotal Events Project


Schools in the R.M. of Argyle
Baldur High School Yearbook - 1963
Rosehill School Photo Album


The Argyle Heritage  Projects

Funded by the Heritage Grants Program. The finished products are
available for schools.

Local History Resources

This section holds an archive of Local History Resources including:
maps, photos documents, archival newspaper clippings, resources for schools and links.